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Back Mechanic: The Step-by-step McGill Method to fix back pain

In an age where many doctors are uninformed on the proper treatment of back pain, and where a seemingly endless amount of gimmicky back products are in circulation, a definitive guide to self-assessment and rehabilitation is more essential than ever. In this book, world-renowned spine expert Dr. Stuart McGill reviews his research findings and incomparable patient success stories to provide you with the program to eliminate your own back pain. Through discovering and eliminating their personal pain “triggers” and retraining the body to move pain-free, Dr. McGill has helped thousands reclaim their lives. This knowledge is now available to you. Back Mechanic is a richly illustrated, self-guide that steps the reader through the process.

Video Enhanced Back Mechanic: The Step-by-step McGill Method to fix back pain

This enhanced package provides the physical Back Mechanic book (shipped to your address) plus the videos (1 year access to streamed videos) demonstrating the concepts, the assessments, the movements and the exercises contained in Back Mechanic. Some readers of Back Mechanic have asked for videos to bring the book to life. Over 100 minutes are provided to guide you on eliminating the disability of your back pain.

When you receive your Back Mechanic Book in the mail, there will be an instruction sheet and ACCESS CODE inside that you will need for the Back Mechanic Video Series.

Behandel uw eigen rugklachten - Uw rugpijn begrijpen en de oorzaken ervan bepalen

U vraagt zich wellicht af wat dit boek van andere boeken onderscheidt. Waarom zou van alle boeken over de rug uitgerekend dit boek verschil in uw leven kunnen maken? De waarheid is eenvoudig: de informatie die in dit boek staat is gebaseerd op harde wetenschappelijke feiten. Het is niet zo gemakkelijk om van rugpijn af te komen. Professor McGill zal u hierbij via een wetenschappelijk en effectieve manier begeleiden.

Behandel uw eigen rugklachten + VIDEO

NEW! French Version of Back Mechanic

Toutes les douleurs au dos ont une cause − votre défi est de l’identifier et de la corriger. Dans le système médical moderne, les rendez-vous de 15 minutes ne permettent pas aux patients souffrant de maux de dos d'obtenir un diagnostic complet et précis de leur mécanisme de douleur. Ils sont laissés à eux-mêmes ne sachant pas quoi faire pour soigner leur mal de dos. Le Mécanicien du Dos vous guide à travers l’auto-évaluation de vos déclencheurs de douleur, puis vous montre comment éviter ces obstacles à votre guérison. Que vous soyez aux prises avec un bombement discal, une sténose, une spondylolisthèse, une tension musculaire ou même une douleur à la jambe associée à une hernie discale, vous serez en mesure d’associer vos symptômes à l’approche qui vous convient et par conséquent réduire votre inconfort. Ensuite, des exercices efficaces vous seront enseignés afin de progresser étape par étape. Ce livre répond à de nombreuses questions qui sont restées sans réponse dans le passé. Le professeur McGill, spécialiste de la colonne vertébrale, a cumulé ses 30 années de recherche en laboratoire et en clinique afin de créer ce guide fondé sur des preuves scientifiques. Ce livre a aidé des milliers de personnes à se réapproprier leur vie. Ces connaissances sont maintenant à votre disposition dans ce livre abondamment illustré. Vous comprendrez enfin votre douleur au dos et deviendrez vous-mêmes votre meilleur Mécanicien du dos.

Gift of Injury: The strength athlete’s guide to recovering from back injury to winning again

In the highly competitive world of strength athletics, a back injury is seen by many as the ultimate career-ender. In truth, if handled properly, it is far from a death sentence. Follow the journey of international powerlifting champion Brian Carroll, who can attest to this first hand. This remarkable athlete went from 1100 lb squats and 800 lb deadlifts to unending pain and disability after a massive spinal compression injury. After a fortuitous meeting with leading back expert Professor Stuart McGill, he reset his training and his life to fight his way back to the top of the winners podium.

Glean expertise from McGill and Carroll, both masters in their field, and learn how to orchestrate your own triumphant comeback. Whether you are a former champion yourself who has fallen on hard times, or someone starting a new foray into the world of strength training who wants to avoid injury and maximize training, the secrets found within these pages are sure to take your lifts to the next level.

Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance (6th Edition-2017)

Get the latest scientific evidence on back exercise - what helps and what hurts, and why. Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance provides the evidence base to design and prescribe the most appropriate exercise programs for the back. Professor McGill's unique approach is based upon years of scientific research into back function of injured people through to elite athletes. His expertise is sought by governments, corporations, professional sports teams and athletes. A complete description of a 5 stage program is provided.

Examples are provided for each stage within a bad back rehabilitation program together with performance enhancement programs for athletes. Beginning with recognizing and re-patterning perturbed motor programs and progressing to the enhancement of stability, then endurance, the final stages continue with strength, power and agility training. Each step is well illustrated and instructive. Added to this are general approaches to assess the demands of individual activities and sports and how to identify the critical components that need specific focus in an individual's back. Dr McGill's style makes for an easy read of this thorough and rich resource.

Low Back Disorders: Evidence-Based Prevention and Rehabilitation (3rd Edition)

Get the latest information on evidence-based prevention and rehabilitation approaches and learn how to apply the principles in industry, sport and everyday settings.

Low Back Disorders: Evidence-Based Prevention and Rehabilitation (3rd Edition) provides professionals with the foundation to make the best clinical decisions. Sections on the foundation (how the back works and becomes injured), back injury prevention, patient assessment, and rehabilitation will build your understanding behind the practices so that you can use them effectively with clients.

New for the 3rd Edition is a much more robust guide to patient assessment to enable a precise diagnosis of their pain triggers. Companion videos On-line will assist with clinical skill development for both assessment and prescription.

3-pack Stuart McGill books: Back Mechanic + Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance (6th Edition-2017) + Low Back Disorders (3rd)

Package Deal: Back Mechanic + Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance

The LumbAir is a lumbar support that also promotes ideal posture and posture changes. It is easy to carry for use in cars, airplanes, theatres, or for home use.

The LumbAir is made with exclusive fabric that is immune to bacteria, fungus and body odour. It is guaranteed for one year against defects in materials and workmanship. The valves are guaranteed for life. The foam is engineered to last 15 years. These products are flame retardant, exceeding California standards.

The EmbraceAir incorporates an air bladder that is easily positioned with a vertical adjustment within the back frame. This optimizes the fit for each person. The inflatable bladder helps people to achieve relieving postures and changes in posture throughout the day, and to enhance back health for those who sit.

The EmbraceAir is made with exclusive fabric that is immune to bacteria, fungus and body odour. It is guaranteed for one year against defects in materials and workmanship. The valves are guaranteed for life. The foam is engineered to last 15 years. These products are flame retardant, exceeding California standards.

This product is available only in black colour.

PropAir ~ Increasing back comfort in bed

Recently, this same air bladder technology has been shown to reduce disc stress while sleeping. This resulted in the "PropAir sleeper."

Lying on the back causes the low back to flatten to the mattress causing spine flexion. Many people have flexion-triggered pain making back sleeping painful. Pain will increase your sensitivity to more pain during the day – eliminating pain while lying will help wind down your pain sensitivity.

Take the test: To assess whether the Propair will help you try this. Place the hands palms down under the low back while lying. If comfort is increased, then the support provided by the PropAir will enhance your sleeping comfort. Some type of back pain will not be helped with the PropAir for example certain conditions of stenosis and spondylolisthesis.

Others will find relief while side lying by placing the PropAir between the ribcage and hip to avoid painful side bending.

The optimal level of support is tuned to any mattress, or spine shape, using the hand activated air pump. The plush velour material against the person and the silk material interface with the bed sheets facilitates easy sliding and turning.