YANNI V. – Greece

Professor Stuart Mc Gill,

After having read your books and watched your DVD’s I am deeply grateful for I have found the solution to my severe low back problems. Such problems include the “clunk”, “catch” of the sciatic nerve, the after bed rest pain and stiffness.

At the age of 54 I am an avid slalom water-skier and athlete for the past 29 years.

Pain in my back first appeared at the age of 18. In 2008 the herniated disc 14-15 was in prolapsed situation giving me acute hip pain, calf and foot radiation. After 2 months of being bedridden I was operated endoscopically in Germany. The operation was successful and was left with no back problems for 13 months on. For the first 5 months of that period I completely rested and the remaining 8 moths were dedicated to series of exercises (bad exercises as it turned out!) including full flexion – full extension, twistings, bendings, etc. soon the symptoms of “clunk” and acute hip pain appeared.

Doctors, physiotherapists and trainers blamed it all on waterskiing to which I dedicated every weekend.

Finally after lots of desperation and hours on end spent searching for a solution, I came across your books: ULTIMATE BACK FITNESS AND PERFORMANCE, LOW BACK DISORDERS by STUART Mc GILL.

I took to your plan immediately and after six weeks of daily training according to the principals of your book, my back was in good condition: no pains, clunks, stiffness or catches.

It is now 6 months since I started train according to the Mc Gill techniques. The last couple of months I have engaged in every day slalom water skiing, free of back troubles. However I find it difficult to believe that I have managed so many consecutive training days without back problem, so much so that I fear this situation will abruptly change. I fear further deterioration of the spine even though I believe my success is due to the exercise programs described in your book ULTIMATE BACK FITNESS AND PERFORMANCE.

In addition to wanting to show you my appreciation for the solution you have given me though your books, I would be further grateful of any advice, suggestions related to waterskiing. I would like you to know that I participated in the Waterski European Championships back in 2007, and I look forward to participate again this coming September.

Thank you for having shown me the way to respect the biomechanics of my spine and avoid any operation, physiotherapy, bedresting, medicines, massages, doctor visits, useless examinations, painful training programs.

Thank you for the happiness that I get from slalom waterskiing and the quality of life that I enjoy with my healthy back.