US Army Ranger, 2018

First I want to say thank you for sharing your story in your book Gift of Injury. I was in Texas a few months ago, and Ed Coan told me to read your book. It has given me a new outlook and helped me get back on track. On top of being a powerlifter, I am a 22 year still serving Army Ranger that has been jumping out of planes since 1996. My spine has endured a lot of impacts. In the last few years, I have slowly gotten worse and got to the point of giving in to the medical professional of looking at getting cut or even being medically boarded out of the Army. I was looking for answers and solutions, and none was there but ones that make me live a life that was not what I wanted. Eight months of Physical Therapy with direct attention from the doctor did nothing. Following your plan, o
vernight my pain was put in check, reduced immensely, my back felt relaxed and not like I was one move away from getting a major surgery.  Life feels better once again. I am religious about doing my Big 3 twice daily and getting my walks in. I started lifting again and has got back on track after taking months off. I thank you (ed: Brian Carroll) and Dr. McGill for this. C.D.