Hi Dr. McGill,

How are you? I saw you quoted on the Well blog in the NY Times. I guess they know where to get all the best spine advice! I haven’t been as disciplined about updating you as I’ve been about doing the exercises that you prescribed 🙂 But the good news is that I have seen tremendous improvement in my strength, balance and health since I started working with XXX again after your visit. It’s been very slow and steady progress. In the beginning, it would take XXX and I twenty minutes to get one decent mini-squat out of me. But the strength in my hips, glutes, core and legs began to build, and now I can do many sets of smooth, elegant squats, and all of those previously inhibited nerve signals fire with ease. I’ve been walking every day, and can even break into a light jog on occasion. I no longer have pain in my back or trouble with my feet tensing up after workouts (although my glutes and hips do get awfully sore sometimes!) And the best unexpected side effect is that I don’t get sick anymore. It feels like the increased strength has made me much more resistant to colds and sore throats than I was. I can’t really explain it, but I think that my body is just healthier overall now. So THANK YOU again for all of your guidance! I hope that we get to meet again and that I can invite you to a meal the next time you’re in XXX. Or perhaps we can go for a nice long walk — but don’t be surprised if I outpace you!