Testimonials for Daniel Hudon

Having a severe lower back pain I looked for a specialist who is familiar with Stuart McGill’s approach. I was lucky to find Dr. Hudon clinic close to Montreal. The assessment took 4 hours, which was equivalent to 8 normal physiotherapist visits. I left Dr. Hudon office with clear understanding and written instructions on how to handle and improve my condition. It would be difficult to get to the same level just by reading the Back Mechanic. It took some time, discipline and effort to see the results. After three months I am not just pain free but I am able to do very challenging activities that would definitely destroy me if I did not meet Daniel Hudon. (V.L.)


I did a McGill assessment with Dr. Hudon.

I have had many back problems over my life and have seen many specialists in the United States but they generally did not help me that much. Physical therapy has helped but I continue to have chronic problems. None of the doctors nor the therapists ever did an evaluation of my condition half as in depth as Dr. Hudon did with the McGill assessment.

Dr.Hudon worked very hard to diagnose my condition. The assessment was planned to last 3 hours but he took almost 3.5 hours to complete it. It was very thorough. I left with a plan to address the cause of my lumbar back pain.

I wish I had this assessment years ago. I probably would not be in the pain I am in today.

I had read Back Mechanic but the physical therapists I went to in the US gave me opposite advice. I needed to consult with someone about my condition who is familiar with McGill’s research.

I recommend seeing Dr. Hudon to anyone with back issues and pain. (J.P.)