Steve Doherty

March 9th 2014
It was mid January 2013 when I was experiencing lower back pain shooting down my right leg and into my foot. I then attended several appointments with a chiropractor and massage therapist only to have the pain get worse. I then went to see two different physiotherapists for approximately four months two times a week and still couldn’t find full relief.

Finally in July of 2014 I met with DR. Stuart McGill who took the time to review my MRI’s and CAT scans and explain to me what was causing this extricating pain that was making my life miserable and myself wondering if I was ever going to get better. After a visit to DR. Stuart McGill ‘s lab, he assessed my situation, applied some techniques and gave me some exercises to work on my own at home and at the gym. I can still remember as I was leaving his lab him saying to me “you will get better” These were encouraging words because at this point I could barely walk one minute before I had sit down and let the pain subside.

I was fully dedicated as I had been before and began to do all the exercises DR. McGill recommended and finally within a couple weeks things were improving. I am now 100% back to myself and am so glad to have the guidance and support of DR. Stuart McGill, because without that visit I really don’t know what my back would be like today.