Shannon Turley

Stu, I am doing remarkably better!  You were definitely right that my issues stem from postural weakness and poor movement habits.  I was great with my posture for the first several weeks and still constantly correct my old lazy habits.  The lumbair is amazing for me at work and I have recommended it to several of our coaches as well.  The anti-shrug coaching point and locking the lats to stabilize and “bend the bar” has helped our guys pull from the floor much better and led to several PRs from guys that were struggling to break through the first pull barrier.  Everyone agrees putting the feet in-line on the side bridge is the way to go and it’s been exposing and improving my right sided weakness with great results.  We’re doing a lot more suitcase carries, no one more than myself but I will say the technique I have utilized most and can actually call a habit is the “sniff and lift”.  It always refocuses me on correct postural alignment and hopefully is in the process of permanently changing the way I sit and stand.

I always had tremendous respect for your knowledge and experience before but now I cannot overstate my APPRECIATION for your expertise!   Your direct, bottom line style of addressing my back pain was exactly what I needed to get me back to basics.  I am in your debt.

I hope you are well and spring brings exciting new opportunities and challenges for you!

My best,