Nathan M. – USA

Dear Stu,

I just wanted to say thank you for changing my life. Radically.

After 10 years of bad advice from drs and physical therapists, that quick visit with you gave me the power to build a truly strong back, a functionally strong body and freedom from the devastating pain that plagued my life for over a decade.

You should know I preach your back gospel to anyone and everyone who’ll listen. I’ve referred many people to your books and explained as best I can the concepts you taught me, demonstrating exercises and principles of back stability to many people. Your work and dedication to both sound science and it’s application to alleviate human suffering (or rather, maximize human joy) has truly changed my life.

And I am forever grateful. I’m in my first semester of med school and doing well. As a physician I will prescribe your books as first line defense against structural back problems.

May I suggest that you develop a small extremely simplified and compact book that distills the basic principles of back strength and stability into a pocket sized, illustrated manual that can be carried anywhere and understood by anyone? The world needs to know.