John C. – USA

Dear Dr McGill,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for writing this wonderful book (Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance). I am a strength and conditioning coach. I don’t have a medical degree or any degree for that matter. But I do a lot of self studying and attend seminars as often as I can. I am dyslexic and as a result a very slow reader. Most the books I read to educate my self are painfully boring. But yours, I could not put down. It was so well written and enjoyable to read.

I have had the book for 5 days and only have 2 chapters to read. I have already identified and corrected problems in most my cliental. But the most dramatic is a young lady who has chronic knee pain. I had her do overhead squats. she was not using the abdominal brace to keep her spin neutral. Once I had her do this I coulees see she was trying to push her knees forward and not using the hip hinge. I taught her the hip hinge and guess what? Yep knee pain is gone.

I ordered Low Back Disorders and The Ultimate Back DVD’s today. Thank you again for writing this book.