D. B., San Francisco

Dr McGill,
First off, I want to thank you for finding time in your busy schedule to see me. As I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you, I still feel compelled to mention that my appointment was far and away, both literally and figuratively, the most unique assessment I’ve ever had! The degree to which your kind, warm, welcoming demeanor, combined with the backdrop of your beautiful home set the stage for what would become such an illuminating and educational experience, cannot be understated. I really appreciate and respect that you performed the assessment prior to examining the images, using them instead to confirm your findings as well as to discover the heretofore undiagnosed endplate fractures.

During the provocative testing phase you moved me with such control and precision as to breach the pain threshold just enough to glean the information you needed. This sensitive, caring approach, together with your optimistic outlook and certainty that I would not only recover from this decades-old injury but could go on do whatever I’d want to do in life, is a welcome contrast to the ignorant tripe I’ve been fed up until now. I understand that the onus is on me but thanks to you, I now have the right tools for the repair.

Nas and I are profoundly grateful for your expertise and guidance.

Thank you for everything,