Brian S.

…I hope all is well!!!!

has been what about two years since I saw you, and thought I would just give you an update…. when I lie on my back now, you can pretty much drive a mack truck under my lumbar… a far cry from when I first saw you… all good…working out at full capacity (or as much as my smoker’s lungs will take) and doing about 3 hours per day prepping for the Tough Mudder competition in August..

I mix up my training every 3 months or so… finally finished the p90x routine and will start the “sequel” in another couple of months… I do a fair bit of core work, as well as stuff to fire up my poor atrophied glutes…which are responding slowly! .. and I do a fair bit of “”movement” type classes at XXXX… and, after so long, I am finally taking power skating lessons with a view to planning hockey in the near future…

so… all is good and strong…..I am extremely happy…I owe it to you, and I thank you again….