190: Dr. Stuart McGill | The Back Mechanic Talks Golf

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It’s rare that I meet a golfer who doesn’t currently struggle or haven’t struggled in the past with some sort of back pain and discomfort. Athletes, strength coaches, and trainers can all agree that no matter the sport, a healthy back and spine is a crucial component to optimal performance.

Our balance, speed, power, mobility, coordination and every other physical requirement for golf are directly linked to good spine health, which is why this week, our special guest is Dr. Stuart McGill.

Dr. McGill is one of the pioneers in back/spine performance research with hundreds of studies published in peer-reviewed journals and has restored several golfers’ careers that were debilitated by back pain. In this episode, we discuss the mechanics of the back, Dr. McGill’s impression of how golfers are and should be training, common causes of back pain, and what steps can you take to not only eliminate this pain but prepare and train your back.