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There are 4 books all of which are different.

Back Mechanic directs the patient through a self assessment of pain triggers. Based on the assessment they are coached on strategies to reduce pain sensitivity first, then how to build a pain-free foundation for movement. Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance directs those interested in enhancing performance in a way that spares the spine or returns athleticism to an injured athlete. Low Back Disorders: Evidence based prevention and rehabilitation is a content rich volume intended for clinicians. The latest book The Gift of Injury: The strength athletes guide to recovery from Back Injury to Performance tells the story of a record holding Powerlifter who suffered a massive crush injury to the lumbar spine. His fall to the depths of despair, followed by the rise to re-gaining champion form. Included is the methodology and training regimen suitable for all strength athletes.

Back Mechanic: The Step-by-step McGill Method to fix back pain

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Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance

Low Back Disorders: Evidence-Based Prevention and Rehabilitation (3rd Edition)

NEW: Gift of Injury: The strength athlete’s guide to recovering from back injury to winning again

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Enhanced Video Back Mechanic:
Book + Streaming Video Modules

The Ultimate Back (DVD): Assessment and Therapeutic Exercise SECOND EDITION (2012)

The Ultimate Back (DVD): Enhancing Performance

The New Science of Golf [DVD] Lee Brandon and Stuart McGill

Superstiffness for Combative Athletes: Enhance injury resilience and improve performance.
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Dynamic Disc Models

We have been investigating, probing and documenting the tissue disruptions that are linked with pain for over 30 years. Dr Fryer has produced the models with the highest bio-fidelity to show how specific motions, postures and loads cause stresses that influence specific disc bulges, annulus delamination, nerve entrapments, nerve tensions and viscous drags, stenosis, endplate fractures, facet wear, joint micro-movements, to name a few. These models enhance understanding of mechanisms of causation together with providing strategies to reduce specific tissue stresses necessary to wind down pain sensitivity. They assist in explaining why one therapeutic approach may help some specific pain mechanism while another approach can be counter-productive. The fusion and interaction between neuroscience, anatomy, and biomechanics obtained from these models will enhance your clinical decision making.

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