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This website provides evidence-based information and quality products that help to prevent and rehabilitate back pain. All back pain has a cause. Professor McGill dedicated 32 years to investigating how the spine works, the mechanisms of pain, and proven ways to eliminate pain and restore pain-free activity.

The key to pain-free activity is to assess the pain mechanism and employ a matched therapy. Some pain sufferers can perform this themselves with guidance from the book Back Mechanic. Others are more challenging and obtain clinical expertise from highly trained clinicians listed on the providers page. Clinicians can also access Professors McGill’s latest books and videos guide the assessment together with providing helpful information and rehabilitation approaches for pain-free activity and optimal back performance.

His approaches have restored the lives of thousands of people like yourself. In addition, his work is well known among public celebrities and athletes worldwide for assisting them to be successful.

Back Pain Exercise Podcast

Back Pain Exercise Podcast

STEM Talk Episode 35: Stuart McGill explains the mechanics of back pain & the secrets to a healthy spine.

“Professor McGill describes movement and exercise strategies to fix back pain with real examples. He describes a self assessment that reveals why people have back pain, and why they have failed to reduce back pain. Then he describes how to avoid pain allowing the pain sensitivity to subside. Then he discusses back pain exercises proven to build a pain free foundation for movement. Lower back pain is not a life sentence. Once aware of the cause of back pain, specific back exercise strategies are used to build pain free and healthy backs.”

Books to help your back pain

There are 4 books which are all different. Learn which book is best for you. Back Mechanic will guide you through self assessment then teach specific exercises like the McGill Big 3 matched to your specific pain. Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance (6th Edition-2017) gives the latest scientific evidence on back pain exercise – what helps, and what hurts, and why.

Is sitting painful?

If sitting creates back discomfort you have a highly sensitized back, or tissue damage, or both. Avoiding this pain trigger will reduce the pain sensitivity. Avoidance of the pain triggers is part of the strategy to de-sensitize back pain throughout the day as evidenced in Back Mechanic.

Clinical training courses & seminars.

Courses are available “in-person”, Click below to view the course descriptions and the course schedule.

Latest BackFitPro podcast

humanOS – The Science on How to Avoid or Improve Back Pain Podcast with Stuart McGill

About 40% of people worldwide will get lower back pain at some point in life, and on any given day roughly 12% of adults are experiencing lower back pain. This crippling condition strongly influences quality of life, often affecting relationships with loved ones, impairing performance at work, and leading to substantial costs – not only healthcare ones but also expenses due to absenteeism and so on.

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