Mens Health Article (2016): Fix it with the Back Mechanic


Exerpt: “My exam began the moment I climbed out of my rented Chevy Cruze and walked up the driveway-I just didn’t know it yet. Nor did I suspect that by the end ofthe day, I would learn that I’d been exercising wrong, that I had a semi-serious back injury, and that most one-size-fi ts-all fi tness recommendations are basically bullshit.

All I knew was that after four decades of lifting, my workouts were no longer working. My squats were pathetic, my deadlift was dying, and-worst of all-my back felt sore and unstable. If anybody in North America could help me recapture my weight-room mojo, it was Stuart McGill, ph.D., who welcomed me into his home clinic in Gravenhurst, Ontario.

You may not recognize McGill’s name, but ifyou’ve ever done a side plank, you’ve been influenced by his 3o years of innovative research as a professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo.”

Download the article here: Mens Health Article (2016): Fix it with the Back Mechanic