McGill Method 2: Assessment

McGill Method 2 is geared for clinicians, advanced trainers, coaches and performance specialists who wish to obtain advanced skills to assess back-pained clients/patients. The primary objective is for you to be able to converge on a precise understanding of the pathway and mechanism of pain/dysfunction which will guide the best recovery approach.

You will learn:

  • Recent developments in science and in skills to assess back pain, dysfunction, and pathology across the broad spectrum of clients
  • Interviewing skills in conducting and extracting insights that reveal pain mechanisms
  • Skills that allow you to understand the client’s cognitive status and influence on movement patterns so that you are the most effective person to help them
  • Many specific pain provocation tests, together with a logic that directs convergence on the pain mechanism(s)
  • How to find and test an antidote strategy for immediate change in symptoms
  • How to use this information to progress a client from pain to pain-free activity

Instructors: Dr. Edward Cambridge, Joel Proskewitz lead lectures and hands-on skills development Live On-site. Prof. Stuart McGill provides context and daily Q and A sessions on zoom


“The seminar itself should be a must for all of the professions. The assessment is concise, logical, and allows one to flow easily through the algorithms that one needs to go through in solving complex back problems. It takes out the bias that we bring in with each of our professions and provides a comprehensive compendium that can be used on Monday morning. It leaves no stone unturned.”
(Dr. Larry Bell)

“Spending time with Dr McGill as he laid out tools and then ‘played jazz’ as he zeroed in on a precise diagnosis was a terrific experience… refreshing, stimulating, affirming and humbling. Lectures were packed with good information with many clinical pearls along the way. I truly thank Professor McGill for bringing his wisdom to the world and for putting on classes. I hope many more clinicians get to experience his teaching and many more patients will experience the restoration of their movement life.”
(Dr. Mike Caruso)