Testimonials for Mike Sweeney ~ McGill Method Certified Practitioner

“Hi Stu, I just wanted to send you a quick update. Mike has been fantastic. I am +90% better, and have adopted a much more thoughtful approach to exercise (big 3, walking etc). It’s still a journey, but well on the path.

Thank you for the steer. I’m delighted with your recommendation.”


“Dear Dr. McGill, this is a note of thanks to you, both for developing your methods and for referring me to Mike Sweeney. Your work has made a great difference in my life and I am very grateful.

Some details: I can sit and sleep with only an occasional slight twinge–that’s all in just a few months of working with Mike. My recovery has been nothing short of astonishing. I couldn’t get any relief from multiple forms of treatment from surgeons, physiatrists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists. (Note the plurals there–I kept going to new practitioners in the hope that someone else’s method would work.)

I wondered what you meant when you used that term “master trainer” but now I know. Mike truly is a master trainer. He’s completely dedicated to his work, and he’s one of the most patient-focused people I’ve ever met. (fyi: I’m 68) He taught me spine hygiene, the Big Three, and we continue to go over all the elements in your book. I find that I need to hear his very clear explanations at least two (or even better) three times before I can connect the ideas and concepts to how I live in my body. Once that happens, I’ve got it, and it sticks with me, but not until then. So I’m grateful that Mike is so amazingly patient with my process–he really knows how to individualize a treatment. I often get a sense of how lucky I am, in a session, when I realize I’m getting healing and an education in one unit–that’s inspiring!

Finally, here is something really crucial. Mike is the only person I’ve worked with where I didn’t get injured from the exercises and then have to stop treatment! That is clearly due to your science-based research and knowledge of what NOT to do. Of course I wish I had discovered your work a long time ago, but the amazing thing about the body is it responds to the right approach even after a long series of mistakes.

So many thanks and here is one more person whose life has been greatly impacted by your and Mike’s wonderful work.”


“I scheduled a few in-person sessions with Mike Sweeney since my acute back pain in last August. He was very thorough and paid great attention to details when diagnosing my problem and provided me a detailed workout plan. He has always been very gracious and helpful, to answer my follow-up questions. I have been pain free since, and returned to intense sports activities (e.g. badminton, which requires a lot of running and bending from the back). I also feel that my back is more durable, even though I still have to sit for over eight hours at work daily. Besides doing the big 3 daily, glute bridge, and golfer lift, I have also started to do deadlift and goblet squat with kettlebell, weighted lunge and farmer’s walk. I look forward to making my back stronger, and improving athletic performance, while coached by Mike.”