Testimonials for Lisa Brown Mcgill Method Certified Practitioner

“I would like to inform you about the wonderful work that Lisa Brown has been doing with me here in Sydney. Lisa was able to diagnose the likely root cause of my back pain and to prescribe suitable exercises to improve my condition. Over the years before seeing Lisa, I have been to numerous Physiotherapists, a sports Physician, a Chiropractor, an Osteopath, an Acupuncturist, masseur and even to a Neurosurgeon.

The relief of my back pain and improvement in my confidence in practising the sports I love after seeing Lisa have been hugely significant. I am extremely happy with the results we have been achieving and looking forward continuing to see Lisa for further consultancy regarding the best approach to mitigate my back pain issues.”

Leonardo Pinheiro PhD


“In 2021, I worsened a lower back issue that eventually led to me requiring surgery. I underwent a microdiscectomy for a sequestered disc. I began a slow recovery but became concerned when some of my symptoms returned. These included further lower back pain, issues with sitting, nerve pain down my right leg and poor mobility. I began searching for a trainer who could get me strong again, get me working safely in a gym as well as guide me through the stages of recovery. I also needed a deeper level of understanding as to what was actually going on with my back. My surgeon and physios didn’t quite prepare me for life post-surgery. Lisa has delivered these things to me and so much more. The initial assessment was far more thorough than any I had previously. I appreciated the attention to detail and the care and precision of the assessment. Everyone’s back is different and there is no one size fits all approach to injury and so we were able to create a personalised and very specific plan of attack which made me feel very safe and confident. I began working with Lisa on a weekly basis and she was able to tailor the workouts for me so that we kept things safe but also made progress. I am slowly building up to being self-sufficient and now have developed a more well-rounded approach to training that I will use forever. In addition to this I have admired Lisa’s passion, commitment, openness and sense of humour.”

– Stefan Villalobos


“Lisa saved me from my lower back pain! I was seeing a physio for lower back and nerve pain caused by under active glutes while training. The physio unfortunately took the treatment too far an ended up injuring my back even more. I was left bed ridden and couldn’t work for a few days. I called Lisa to ask for her advice and she asked me to come in straight away for an assessment. I crawled into her gym and left finally being able to walk pain free! Lisa really listened to my problem areas and was able to find the cause. She gave me exercises to help with the pain and also to prevent more pain from sitting at work all day. Through my training with Lisa we have now worked on strengthening my core and glutes to prevent any further injuries and I feel stronger than ever. I trust Lisa whole heartedly with my training and wouldn’t be moving as I am without her. I couldn’t recommend her enough!”

– Maddy Tatham


“I have been training with Lisa for 6 months. I came to her by sheer luck and what a gift it has been in finding her. I was recommended to her by a health practitioner in Bryon Bay when visiting there last year. I have lower back pain caused by a disc bulge. The health practitioner advised me that this can be treated through a training method called The McGill Method. He referred me to Lisa, as she is a certified and respected McGill trainer based in Coogee in Sydney. When I first started, she advised and demonstrated how to move and exercise around my back pain and results were instant. I moved with little to no pain. I am now a regular at her gym and attend weekly sessions to maintain and strengthen core muscles which will support my lower back so I don’t have any pain. For anyone with lower back pain and looking for an alternative non-invasive method to treat lower back pain, I highly recommend Lisa and The McGill Method. Lisa will carefully and skilfully guide you to move better pain free. She is also an inspiration, great motivator and delight to train with.”

– Caroline Downs