The following people have been trained by professor McGill to perform a proper McGill assessment of your Back Pain. The assessment is designed to result a specific diagnosis of your pain triggers (at least in 95% of people). Then, based on your specific triggers, you will be guided to avoid the triggers and allow the pain sensitivity to decrease. This will be followed with a specific exercise plan to build a pain free foundation for movement.


Rodrigo Araya
Especialista en Rehabilitación Deportiva
Fundador / Director CREEP Performance & Rehabilitation
P.R.E. Movimiento

San Luis 845 - Rosario - 2000 - Argentina
Cel: +54 341 6158849


Mara Estevez, PT, Cert. MDT, CMP
P.R.E movimiento

Monseñor Magliano 3041, San Isidro, Buenos Aires
Av. Santa Fe 3312, CABA, Buenos Aires


Raquel Castanharo
Clínica Raquel Castanharo

Av. Comendador Gumercindo Barranqueiros, 388.
Jundiaí-SP, Brazil
(11) 33798406
(11) 999974570


Dr. Edward Cambridge, BKin, DC, PhD(c)
Expert Spine Biomechanics Consultant

10424 Chinguacousy Road
Brampton, ON, Canada L7A 0G8


Dr. Markus Fechler
Heidelberg Chiropractic

Markus Fechler, D.C.
Kleinschmidtstr. 48
69115 Heidelberg
+49-6221-167171 (Frontdesk)
+49-6221-618765 (my desk)
+49-6221-184075 (Fax)


Aleksandar Dejanovic PhD
VERTEX - Center for Biodynamic Systems Human Performance Lab

Lasla Gala 17/2
21000 Novi Sad
Republic of Serbia
cell phone:+381-65-28-29-345