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NEW - Back Mechanic Book + Video Modules

$79.00 CDN

This enhanced package provides the physical Back Mechanic book (shipped to your address) plus the videos (1 year access to streamed videos) demonstrating the concepts, the assessments, the movements and the exercises contained in Back Mechanic. Some readers of Back Mechanic have asked for videos to bring the book to life. Over 100 minutes are provided to guide you on eliminating the disability of your back pain.

When you receive your Back Mechanic Book in the mail, there will be an instruction sheet and ACCESS CODE inside that you will need for the Back Mechanic Video Series.

The Ultimate Back (DVD): Enhancing Performance

$55.00 CDN

You can now buy the The Ultimate Back (DVD): Enhancing Performance in a streaming format on Vimeo.
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The objective when designing exercise is to train and achieve optimal performance with minimal risk of injury. Synthesizing McGill's approaches for injury avoidance with those proven to enhance performance resulted in this rich and idea-inspiring resource. This approach has been used by some top athletes in many sports together with those who are returning from back injury to surpass their previous bests.

Some higher level assessments guide exercise decisions. This is followed with some corrective exercise, stability/mobility training, endurance training. Producing ultimate strength, power and speed requires skill. Both training skills and technique skills are developed resulting in higher performance. These techniques will assist in achieving "master" level skills.

As with McGill's other books and DVD, the approaches here are evidence-based. All of the video examples are real life, with real athletes. This is raw authentic footage where nothing is staged. This demonstrates how McGill assesses, cues and coaches performance techniques. This is a companion DVD for the "Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance" book and was produced in 2010.

DVD is recorded in world-wide format.

Length: 1 disc
Run Time: approximately 1.6 hours

The Ultimate Back (DVD): Assessment and Therapeutic Exercise SECOND EDITION (2012)

$64.00 CDN

You can now buy the Ultimate Back DVD in a streaming format on Vimeo.
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This companion DVD illustrates the original techniques documented in Dr. McGill's textbooks. Using real clinic settings and patients, McGill shows some assessment skills to determine specific intolerances and some therapeutic options for different people/approaches. This is followed with the subtle exercise techniques that enable the painful back to engage in the appropriate corrective exercise and then progress to stabilization/mobilization, and endurance training. As with all of Dr. McGill's material, it is evidence based and practiced by some of the top clinicians dealing with very failed backs, through to some of the best athletes around the world.

New for the second edition is more explanation and demonstration of provocative testing technique together with mechanisms of pain and pain reduction.

DVD is recorded in world-wide format.

Length: 3 disc set
Run Time: approximately 2.6 hours

The New Science of Golf [DVD]
Lee Brandon and Stuart McGill

$49.00 CDN

You can now buy the Golf DVD in a streaming format on Vimeo.
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World long drive champion Lee Brandon teamed up with Professor Stuart McGill to create this ground breaking DVD. Traditionally, scientific investigation has been on the golf swing motion. For the first time McGill brings some top golfers into the lab to measure their muscle activation patterns together with their body linkage forces. It turns out that how the golfer sequences muscle activation patterns determines how far the ball flies, as well as influencing the stress on the back, hips and knees. The great golfers are excellent muscle "pulsers". Brandon uses this evidence in her lively coaching of the swing. Then McGill and Brandon take the viewer through a series of 50 new exercises to enhance the variables that have been shown to lengthen the distance of the golf ball while enhancing injury resilience.

Run time 1 hour and 20 minutes.
Also included on the DVD are printable files of training and exercise logs

"True innovation for golf"
"A major step in hitting a longer drive"

Assessing Movement: A contrast in Approaches and Future Directions, 2014
Stuart McGill, Gray Cook, Craig Liebenson

You can purchase this dvd at

This live-event video took place in early 2014 at Stanford University, where Craig Liebenson moderated a day-long conversation between Gray Cook, the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) creator, and Stuart McGill, a back pain expert and researcher who has reviewed the current science covering the FMS and related movement screen research.

The day begins with a 60-minute overview by Gray Cook, who outlines his thinking behind movement screening, the intent of the FMS, and the incorrect assumptions people make about it. He touches on how he uses the FMS, what he expects to learn from a screen, and what he doesn't expect it to do. In the second session, Stuart McGill begins by describing and dissecting some of the research involving the FMS. He develops some of the areas of agreement and disagreement between his research review and the popular opinions about the FMS. Disc 3 begins with Gray's response to Stuart's first lecture, and includes his hopes of what the attendees might get from the day. Stuart then takes over to describe how his assessments might progress, what he's seen in his research, and how he might use the results of his assessments to design an athlete's program.

The afternoon begins with a brief demonstration of the FMS done by Kyle Kiesel while Gray adds commentary to explain what the viewers are watching. He then spends 10 minutes reviewing the resulting scores and describing what the scores tell him. Stuart takes over for the rest of the session to show a few of the assessments he uses for athletes, clients and patients.

Craig Liebenson discusses some of this history of human movement in medicine and patient care. He begins with an overview of how medicine has progressed over the recent years, and his hopes for the future as more and more clinicians understand the brain's role in both movement and in pain.

There were multiple Q&A sessions throughout the day. Those audience-directed segments were collected into a single disc, Disc 6, which opens with a recap of the day as presented by Craig Liebenson and wraps up with closing remarks from Stuart McGill and Gray Cook.

Length: 6 discs set
Run Time: 5 hours and 40 minutes