Testimonials for Marc Luko ~ McGill Method Certified Practitioner

I write to offer my sincere gratitude for the excellent care that Dr. Luko has been providing to me for my debilitating back injury.

I emailed you in March desperately seeking help for my chronically bad back which went out on me in January. The pain and dysfunction were so severe that I could barely sleep for more than two months. I was in terrible shape, and was trying to find help. I saw two chiropractors, both of whom were doing things that were unhelpful, and possibly harmful. I then saw two physical therapists, who both told me to flatten my spine against the table as a therapeutic exercise, which is ridiculous. I also saw a physiatrist, who did not examine me and barely looked at my MRI. Thus, I was stranded with no help, until you referred me to Dr. Luko.

Dr. Luko contacted me immediately and quickly arranged an appointment. He was compassionate, thorough, and thoughtful, spending more than three hours with me, explaining everything, and listening to my concerns. At the end of my session, he told me that I did not need surgery, which was an enormous relief, since I know how poor the success rates are for low back surgery. He created an exercise program and gave me his email address and phone number for me to reach him if I had questions, which was very reassuring.

I have a complicated back injury situation, and Dr. Luko has skillfully handled my care. He has written letters for work accommodations and helps me find solutions to work-related issues. He adjusts my program accordingly, and his last adjustment has increased my ability to function and to enjoy life. There have been times when I felt hopeless, but Dr. Luko always shows me the progress I’m making and encourages me to keep going. My visits with him are like little islands of hope in an otherwise difficult situation. He is part psychologist and part physical therapist.

I’m making progress, all thanks to Dr. Luko’s knowledge, skill, intuition, and compassionate care. I am indebted to him for his care, and most importantly, for his ability to help the person suffering behind the back.


Kevin O’Brien