Spine Restoration Retreat

“Restore your Back, Reset your life”

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Obtain exclusive access to the spine specialists Professor Stuart McGill and Medical Director Alvaro Barrenechea MD in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Live in residence for 4 days and learn the lifestyle changes to beat back pain. Your journey begins with an assessment with Professor McGill to identify your pain triggers and mechanisms. Through daily one-on-one sessions with highly skilled clinicians you will learn to move in ways that soothe your pains and wind down the sensitivity. Small classes teach the skills of spine hygiene that apply 24 hours a day. Short therapeutic exercise sessions designed just for you will be coached to hone technique and dosage. This will build a foundation for pain-free movement and activities.

You will enjoy comfortable beachfront facilities at Pacific Dreams in Santa Teresa including the best of Costa Rican cuisine. But do not expect to be passively served. You have the option to review the work skills associated with daily living. For example, you may choose to work with our staff to learn spine sparing food preparation skills, together with some fabulous recipes! Work and exercise training is interspersed with walking and relaxation sessions in a variety of natural settings.

Typical residence is for 4 days. Day 1 begins with a detailed assessment with a debriefing including yourself and your clinical team to review your plan. You will obtain a precise understanding of why you have pain together with a strategy to reduce it. You will begin the daily sessions of movement and relaxation that optimize your back health. Day 2 continues to hone your movement patterns that begin with getting out of bed. Your clinicians guide your movements and habits away from the pain triggers. Past impediments to your success are reviewed with alternate strategies explored. Short education sessions with your residence mates are strategically offered. Days 3 and 4 continue to develop movement strategies with brief exercise and walking sessions. You will learn your safe position to go to if you have pain fears in the future. No topics are off limits – we follow our studies for strategies for pain-free intimacy with your partner if needed. You will continue to hone strategic stability and mobility throughout your body to de-stress your back.

We encourage accompanying persons (friends or spouses) who will engage in the coaching sessions. They will be your “reminder” and support in the future.

Our aim and success is to never need to see you again.

If you wish to receive information for the next retreat to be held in early 2019, please send a message to sarah@backfitpro.com

Who is this for?:

For those considering surgery, 95% of those following Professor McGills techniques avoid surgery and are very happy with their outcome. Those with episodic pain, and those who have better and worse days with pain are ideal candidates. Those with pain that is influenced by certain activities and certain duration of activities do very well. Post-surgical patients are also ideal candidates. Athletes are also encouraged to reset the foundation for pain-free loading and building capacity needed to resume training. However, we cannot promise miracles – People with substantial co-morbidities or substantial obesity are not suitable candidates.

Language: All instruction in English, Spanish also spoken

Facility: Pacific Dreams, Santa Teresa